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Learn about writing for iBT March 3, 2009

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malam ini aku mencobabelajar, jangan komplain jika bahasaku campur2.
I think the most importan is we have alot of vocabulary. so this afternoon i will provide some vocabulary to you.
PS: actually no PBTtoefl now and replaced by iBT Toefl

each word actually depend on the context…so be careful
i got this word from the song beautiful mess
guts : nerve, courage
everlasting : timeless
invented story : fiction
blemish : stained, tainted
overwhelmed : submerge, inundated
disagreement : contradiction
collect : pick up
all right:yes
prejudiced : bias
polite : corteous, well-mannered
mutilate :disfigure
injured : wounded
lack of confidence : needy, insecurity
injured : wounded, scar
creative writing : fiction , paraphrasing
presumption :guess

remember that iBT toefl use formal english so try to use those word in your sentence.
Simple example : no word “stupid” in toefl but “ignorant”


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