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Mencoba belajar Simple Tenses February 6, 2009

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aku belum bisa bahasa Inggris tapi aku punya niat bisa bahasa Inggris, Kata Thomas Alva Edison : Jenius itu 1% talenta 99% Kerja Keras, so aku ingin kerja cerdas dan keras.

Simple Tenses

The simple tenses are used to show permanent characteristics of people and events or what happens regularly, habitually or in a single completed action.

Sekarang kita bahas :
1. REgular or Permanent Situation
contoh : Where do you live? I live in Japan
What does he do? He’s a teacher
2. Frequency
biasanya dibelakang always, seldom rarely dll
contoh : i always get up at 05.00 pm
every monday i go to the swimming pool


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